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Custom Saunas 


Personalized Design

We believe in the power of personalized designs that align perfectly with your vision. We will work closely with you. Taking into account your specific needs, style, preferences, and available space, to craft a truly customized sauna that is a reflection of your unique taste and delivers an exceptional experience.

Tailored Designs 


Exclusive wood species

Customizable exteriors

Personalized bench layout

Multiple flooring options 

Fully customizable LED lighting 

Project specific ventilation

Individualized stove preference

12V or 120V electrical systems 

Not sure what you're looking for?

Brainstorm with our industry exclusive demo program

hot room.JPG

Start The Process

Ignite your ultimate sauna oasis with relaxing sauna exclusively crafted for you. Experience unmatched luxury, wellness benefits, and personalized design tailored to your preferences. Embark on a journey with us to create your perfect sanctuary and begin the process of building your dream sauna today. 

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