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Feel the difference... Feel the wave

Sauna with View


A thought we coined one night, while siting on the bench

The saying sparked an idea

An idea to build it better

Feel the wave

A Different Perspective

We believe in raising the bar, not only in craftsmanship, but in design and process. In our research and development we are constantly exploring different sauna situations and the unique variables each one offers. Through this evolution of deep diving into not only technical specifics, but the feelings encountered, we aim to build the optimal sauna experience.

A Family History Of Sauna

"My earliest memories of family vacations in the great north woods of Minnesota were based in the sauna culture that it is famous for. For as long as I can remember, we would gather for our nightly ritual on the top bench. The sessions brought everyone together in a shared state of companionship and relaxation, no matter the hardships or disagreements the day had  brought. Those experiences instilled a passion for sauna into the very fabric of my existence. When we bought our first home, the first thing we built was a sauna. It was not a luxury, but rather a necessity. I cannot imagine living without sauna as a core practice in my every day life. Being able to come together and share that way of life with friends and family provides a joy that is hard to explain.  When you have a passion like that, all you want to do is share it with others."

-Keegan Kittock


A New Wave

"Sauna is relatively new to me.  That said, I feel like I didn't have a pre programed idea about what sauna was. Growing up, my family didn't sauna and it wasn't something I was exposed to. The times I did sauna, I remember not staying in very long. 

Over the past four years I have grown into quite the sauna enthusiast. I've found that its a lot better on a sauna bench, or in a cold plunge, having an out of body experience than it is on a bar stool. 

The journey of sauna, and feeling of the different ways to sauna, has been incredible. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled into such a beneficial industry. 

I love the process of the sauna build. I think of a sauna like a tool or machine that I get to bring to life. I am so proud to be building one of the best saunas on the market inside and out."

Aaron Hatrick


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