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Quick Questions Answered

How do I get a demo?

We save our demos for serious buyers. If you are truly in the market for a sauna, we are more than happy to rent a sauna for a trial weekend. We will drop a trailer at your home, walk you through the process and leave you with some dry wood. If you purchase a sauna we will even refund the rental fee!

Do you offer electric heaters?


We do.  We have line of heaters we like, but are always willing to take the customers recommendations into account. 

Do you rent saunas?

At this moment we are strictly in the building space, but future plans are in motion.  

I want ten people in my sauna. How big should it be?


Our general rule is two feet (2') of bench per person. For easy figure, lets say we need 20' of bench for you're ten guests. A 13x6 or a 12x8 finished hot room would most likely work for you.

What sized units do you offer and do you only build mobile?

We are willing to take on any sauna you can dream up! Our standard Mobile is 12' x 6'6" with a 3 foot "V" with a changing room. Our custom units are completely up to you!

Does sauna burn fat?

Yes it does! Nothing burns fat like good old fashion exercise, but sauna does burn more calories than other sedentary activities.  One of the best exercises for your heart there is!

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